Promotions, Promtions Promotions

As we do every so often, we thought we would take a look around MLS for ticket promotions offered for upcoming games.  As always, please feel free to send us promotions that we don’t mention.  In Colorado, the Rapids are promoting a “Lads Night Out” for their upcoming match against San Jose.  The package includes two tickets, two beers and two beanies for $49.00.  The game is the last league home game for the Rapids for three weeks.

In New England, the Revs are continuing their tradition of not offering single game promotions.  Instead, the Revs are pushing a four game mini plan that includes reduced price tickets to four games, a Revs long sleeve T-shirt for$68.  The Revs are also combining the deal with in stadium food vouchers.  The Revs are offering these deals simultaneously, yet it appears that they are somewhat in conflict. The Revs have avoided single game promotions this season and instead have focused on four and six game plans.

Finally, Chivas continues its single game promotional effort by offering a Family Pack for their August 14, 2010 match.  The package includes a ticket, hat and hot dog for $15 per person.

Promotions, Promotions Promotions

As we do every so often, here is our quick look around MLS and the individual game promotions for the coming weeks.  Typically the leader in game promotions, Chivas USA is back in the game with a “Come One Come All” campaign targeting families for their April 24 match. Packages include 4 tickets, 4 hats and 4 hot dogs for as little as $58.  The most expensive seats go for $130 for the package and the 4 packs are available for multiple dates during the season.

Chicago announced a “Fire Goes Green” campaign for its April 24th match against Chicago.  As part of the initiative, the Fire will plant 40 trees,  provide re-usable grocery bags to their fans, purchase energy credits to set-off carbon use at the game and distribute recycling bins around the stadium.  The effort is part of the Fire’s Earth Day celebration and will also include special foot menus and other “green” distributions during the match.

Finally, while we typically discuss promotions in this space, we are struck by the apparent absence of any game day promotions in advance of the “MLS Game of the Week” slated for Thursday night in Dallas.  As the league’s primetime showcase, it is important to show vibrant atmosphere during these national broadcasts.  It is surprising that FC Dallas is not offering incentives to fans to attend this game.  While some teams choose not to offer promotions becauses it might “devalue” their product, given the importance of the game for the league and Dallas’ attendance struggles, it appears that this would be an appropriate time to try something new.

Promotions, Promotions, Promotions

With First Kick on the horizon, we thought we would offer our first look around the world of MLS promotions for the new season.  But first, a quick criticism of the league.  We know that the transition to is underway, but the league has seriously ignored  Last year’s standings are still featured and no schedule of opening weekend is on the front page (in fact the front page still features the 2009 championship). The fantasy game hasn’t been updated and last season’s goal scorers are still on the front page.

On to the promotions!  Chivas is promoting its Friday night opener by offering mini-soccer balls to the first 7,500 fans through the gate.  Perhaps more impressively, Chivas is offering a 4 ticket pack to the opener that includes 4 hot dogs, 4 hats and 4 tickets to the second home game of the season…all for $58.  Chivas was one of the most aggressive teams with respect to promotions last year and it appears they are moving in the same direction in 2010.

In Colorado, the Rapids are promoting their annual Rapids week, a 10 day series of public events leading to the home opener.  The events include an extremely creative idea, “a weeklong city-wide scavenger hunt, as the Rapids hide adidas Jabulani Rapids soccer balls in secret locations around the Denver metro area. Fans will be given clues to the balls’ location through the Rapids’ social media sites as to where to find them. Fans who discover the balls will not only get to keep their Jabulani but also find a note attached with a secret code to be able to redeem online for the chance to win tickets to Opening Day and have their ball signed by the Man of the Match down on the field!”

In Columbus, the Crew are promoting a first kick package that includes opening day tickets and a free scarf.

Quick Hits: Business Dealings Around MLS

Sports franchises are always looking for ways to interact with the community, impress season ticket holders and generate good will.  Here are a couple of examples of these types of events around MLS.

In New England, the Revs are offering a season ticket holder referral program.  If existing season ticket holders can convince friends/family to purchase season tickets, the Revs are ready to provide incentives.  Two season tickets gets you a personalized 2009 jersey, while 20 tickets gets you a VIP trip to the MLS All-Star game.  In between there are trips to away games, locker room visits, concession credits and more.  We think this is a nice idea;  although the rewards are fairly small it is a nice gesture.  Query why is the team giving away a 2009 jersey and not a 2010 version?  Also, this push is coming late in the season and likely would have been better suited to the immediate post-season period.  It will be interesting to see if anyone claims the 29 ticket prize.

In Houston, the Dynamo are again offering “Centers for Excellence” in 2010.  The youth training camps are sponsored by Statoil, and offer a curriculum based on the Dynamo youth model.  The program costs $300 per student and scholarships are available.

The Chicago Fire are getting set for their “Season Kick-Off” function on March 24, 2010.  The event will include a reception, lunch and acution and the entire team will be in attendance.  All proceeds benefit the Chicago Fire Foundation. Tickets are $70 each and tables can be purchased for $650.  The first 20 purchased tables get assigned a Fire player to sit at the table.

MLS Promotions in the New Year

As we did during the MLS season and in the lead-up to the holidays, we are taking a quick look at MLS ticket promotions in preparation for the 2010 season.  This analysis is always somewhat limited because certain teams (e.g. Toronto and Seattle) typically don’t run discount ticket promotions because of their strong sales.  However, even those teams often combine ticket packages with bonus events such as high profile friendlies and offer group discounts for single game sales.  For now, we will focus on teams that are offering discounts  and how they are varying their packages following the conclusion of the holiday season.  In an important development, MLS is now offering a link to each team’s ticket packages from the front page of

Disappointingly, many teams are still pushing their holiday deals, some of which expired before Christmas.  By way of example, the Crew’s ticket page is still pushing a “Holiday 5 Pack”  that expired on December 23.  The Revs’ Holiday Four Pack remains heavily advertised, but unfortunately the link to the promotion is “dead” promising only that technical staff will be alerted to the error (this “dead” deal is still be advertised on certain soccer websites.  Other teams, such as DC United, are promoting a holiday pack (in DC its 4 tickets and a fleece Sweatshirt for $98), but the deal remains available. Houston and RSL (typically two of the teams most devoted to promotional events) have at least updated their page to indicate that there are no current special offers available.

In Los Angeles, the Galaxy are offering an Interliga package for the January tournament involving Mexican clubs.  The package includes tickets to one of the Interliga doubleheaders and tickets to the Galaxy home opener in March.  Prices for the package range from $20 -$50.  Dallas is offering a similar package, but adding a pair of FC Dallas scarves to the mix.  The package is going for a flat $80. The price difference between the offerings is pretty stark and shocking.  Given Los Angeles’ typically higher ticket prices, the price point in Dallas seems fairly high.  That said, we continue to believe that these types of promotions are outstanding opportunities for MLS to put its product before soccer fans that may have not seen the MLS product.  Moreover, unlike doubleheader games, these offers require fans to make a second trip to the stadium to see MLS matches in person.  While some will not avail themselves of the opportunity to attend the MLS game, those that do may represent potential new clients if the action on the field or atmosphere in the stadium impresses.

We will continue to monitor ticket promotions in the New Year.  Don’t hesitate to let us know about MLS promotions in your area.

More MLS Holiday Promotions

As we said in our post on Monday, we will continue to look at MLS Holiday promotional efforts this week.  Below are some additional promotions.  For more, click here.

In Houston, the Dynamo have added a wrinkle to the typical holiday deal by offering two seats to their home opener and one Dynamo “tailgating” chair for $59.  The purchaser must also pay $9.50 for shipping.

In New York, the Red Bulls are offering a four game holiday pack that includes a Red Bulls T-Shirt for everyone package ordered.  The packages start as low $64 and permit the purchaser to select the game of their choice.  The inclusion of apparel is a great approach to these deals because it increases exposure to the team in the community every time the shirt is worn in public.  Contrast this with the Revs who are offering a wall calendar with their package.  The Red Bulls seem to be taking the smarter approach.

In Salt Lake City, the defending champs are offering an array of holiday packages that include 2 or 10 game packages.  The 2 game pack includes a mini-RSL ball, home opener ticket and ticket to one of the next two games.  RSL struggled to draw fans for the early season games last year, and this seems like a good way to encourage attendance early in the season.  The two game pack starts at $65.

If you locate any additional deals, please let us know.

MLS Promotions: Holiday Deals

As we did during the regular season, we will also look at MLS promotional efforts during the Winter.  We start with some holiday deals offered around the league.

The Revs are offering a “holiday four pack” that includes tickets to four games (of your choice), first choice of seat location before general sale, a wall calendar and holiday card all for $68.  The most expensive packages sell for $260.  The calendar and card have typically been part of typical season ticket packages.

In Columbus, the Crew are offering a “five pack” which is five games of your choice for the price of four.  Purchasers also receive an autographed ball from Frankie Hejduk.  The package includes the opening match and four other games.

The Fire holiday package is a one game deal that includes four tickets and four scarves to the home opener.  Packages range from $99-$149 dollars.

Finally, the Galaxy are offering four tickets to their home opener for as little as $76.  The package also includes 4 beanies and one team holiday card.

We will hit some of the other team promotions over the next few days.