MLS Voting: How We Voted for the PR Award

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, but if you have a cure for a four weeks of cough, cold and exhaustion, please drop me a line.  Voting season is over and, yes, we voted for Chris Wondolowski for MVP with a certain Dallas midfielder picking up our second place vote.  We gave coach of the year to Jason Kreis, with Schellas Hyndman and Hans Backe following behind.  However, this is a business site, so we thought we would post on how we voted for that award.  Recall that the standard for the award is as follows:  “Department recognized for consistent, accurate and proactive efforts in providing media members with information and generating coverage for its team.”

Last week you gave us your thoughts on the correct winner for the award, and we tend to agree with the front offices you raised.  Here are our votes.  Without further ado….

Our third place vote went to the Red Bulls.  The team did just about everything right in 2010 in launching Red Bull Arena and filling the stands with passionate fans.  The front office brought a good combination of friendlies to RBA and has promoted the arena as the site of the Big East Championship and more.  The Thierry Henry marketing campaign was attractive and drew attention in the NY media.  Henry was accessible to national media and effectively brought attention to the team and the league.

Our second place vote went to Kansas City.  The team has been aggressive in promoting its upcoming stadium and signing of Omar Bravo.  The team used a great opportunity against Manchester United to sell tickets, promote the brand and market the new stadium.  With rumors of a re-brand coming in 2011, Kansas City has set itself up well to hit the ground running in their new digs.  Despite missing the playoffs the team was competitive all year and has become a fixture on the local sports landscape. The front office has directly engaged fans and included them in all steps of the process.

Our winner was RSL.  The team started in the offseason with a state-wide campaign to bring the championship trophy to all the counties in the State.  The team is aggressive (perhaps overly aggressive) on Twitter and has effectively engaged its fans on all levels of social media.  The team effectively marketed its Champions League games and drew a huge crowd for the final group stage match.  The front office built upon the team’s success from 2009 and managed to keep fans coming and keep the team in front of the local media outlets. RSL’s front office has managed to make the games a destination and continues to improve the fan experience.  For all of the above reasons, RSL is our first place winner in the team PR award.