Soccer Business Bits: Chicago Goes Dynamic, TFC Builds and Benny

A couple of quick hitters from around soccer.  We’ll start in Chicago, where the Fire have announced a deal with Qcue to offer dynamic pricing at Toyota Park.  According to the Sports Business Daily the Fire become the first MLS team to implement dynamic pricing.  According to SBD, dynamic pricing, “adjusts single-game ticket prices as late as the day of the game through computer analysis of factors including team performance, opponent, weather, day of the week and gate giveaways.”  This pricing model has become popular throughout sports, as franchises look to maximize game day attendance.  Fora great look at how dynamic pricing works, click here to check out Qcue’s website.  Thanks to MLS Rumors for letting us know about the link.

We neglected to report on TFC’s plans to build a 14 acre, $20 million training complex for the club and its academy.  The site is a former airfield owned by the Canadian government, and will be leased by team owners MLSE and built with funds.  In addition to providing a home for the team and its youth players, team offices will also be located on the complex.  there will be four grass fields and one turf field that provides an indoor environment for the team.  This represents a significant investment on behalf of MLSE and TFC in the future of the league.

Finally, the world of Twitter was blowing up with the allocation of Benn Feilhaber.  The newly selected Revolution midfielder was trending on the social media site and the mysteries of his ultimate destination had MLS fans glued to their computers.  The evening’s events showed the power of Twitter, as soccer lovers relied on the outlet for updates from journalists, the league and clubs.