Business Bits: MLS Live is Back

computerMLS has announced its online  games package for 2009.  The product will cost $19.95 for the season and will include 150 games.  The video quality will double and fans will be able to edit and create their own highlight packages.  Read more about MLSLive and other new MLS digital initiatives in our interview with MLS Director of Digital Strategy Chris Schlosser.

MLS has also announced its national televison package for 2009.   Mark Cuban’s HDnet is noticably absent, but games will continue on ESPN, Fox Soccer and Telefutura.  Also absent, are any games on ABC.  As previously discusses, ESPN’s two year “Thursday Night Soccer” experiment has also been abandoned.   However, a quick look at the schedule shows that the League definitely put a premium on games that will show will in the stands.  Plenty of home games in Seattle, L.A. Derby games and Blanco dates.  Interestingly, RSL only hosts one home game and Gillette will never be featured.revs

This is probabaly the second smartest way to do it.  The best way would be to schedule the “big draw” games for Thursday night to keep “appointment viewing” for fans.   For the casual fan, it will be hard to find these games.