Monday After

unitedOnly two Monday After posts before the start of the regular season in Major League Soccer.  We’ll start with the jersey week gimmick that MLS started last year and is continuing for the 2014 season.  While I personally don’t understand the excitement that surrounds the release of new jerseys, I understand the business importance of putting new gear out for fans to purchase.  Many look forward to the release of the new kits and teams can sell them at top prices.  17 teams will participate in the release the week  before the season, beginning the Monday preceding the first games.   The events will be a mixture of public and private while some will take place at the stadiums with other out in the community.  Not surprisingly, there have been some initial leaks of the jerseys, but those types of leaks typically serve to simply whet the appetite of the public.

In other weekend business news, American soccer fans have been keeping an uneasy eye on the situation in Kiev as the March 5 date for a USA/Ukraine friendly nears.  There are significant political events occurring in the former Soviet Republic that are far more significant than a soccer match.  Nevertheless, the safety of the US players and coaches is an important consideration and there are reports that the USSF is already considering potential alternative locations for the match.  The situation is one that bears watching over the next week, as tensions remain exceedingly high in the region.

Finally, the DC United stadium saga took another turn last week when mayoral candidate “Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) said Wednesday that she wouldn’t support Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s proposal to trade away the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center in order to help pay for a new D.C. United soccer stadium on Buzzard Point.:  This is just another setback from the seemingly premature announcement last July that stadium efforts were moving forward.