Draft Thoughts

concaveTraveling tonight, but here are some quick hits on the SuperDraft.

1. Solid coverage by ESPNews, but getting shifted to the lower tier ESPN channel makes MLS seem less than major.

2. Interesting to hear some of the reported statements by Commissioner Garber.  He indicated that the league is close to making an announcement about the future of a possible expansion team in Miami. He also indicated that there will be a resolution of the Camilo situation soon.

3. Interesting to see how quickly some of the drafted players took to Twitter to reach out to new fan bases.  This can be great for these players and fans, but is also a fraught with potential danger.

4.  Finally, one of my favorite parts of the draft is how it brings local coverage of the league from non MLS markets.  When local college players are drafted, local dailies tend to cover the player and the league bringing additional exposure.  That was never truer than the Hartford Courant, which had coverage of the draft within minutes of UCONN and the University of Hartford landing players in the top 8.

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  2. thoughts on MLS draft #7 Andre Lewis to the whitecaps signing for Cosmos?

  3. MLS and Vancouver have certainly had their issues with contract rules over the last couple of weeks. Frankly, the Lewis situation just makes the league and team look like they didn’t do their research and due dilligence.

  4. LOVE the Revs picks. I couldn’t be happier

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