And the Winner is?????

ivyCongratulations to…..Sporting Kansas City, the 2013 Footiebusiness Front Office Award winner.  For the 2nd time in three years, Sporting takes home the award.  This time, KC earned just over 47% of the vote, with Chicago earning second place and Portland third.  Thank you to all who participated and cast votes.

Sporting played host to the 2013 All-Star Game and did a wonderful job converting downtown Kansas City into a home for fans, journalists, players and more.   The team continues to manage its social media presence, ensuring that fans and media were kept apprised of important developments all season long.   As has long been the case, the team’s leadership is active on Twitter, providing access to fans unmatched by most teams.  The team continues its fantastic attendance own attendance mark, and has become a fixture in the Kansas City sports scene.  They have locked down a great primary sponsorship relationship, built a great stadium and have become the true success story among first generation franchises moving towards the league’s third decade.

Sporting is now gearing up to host the 2013 Final and early reports suggest that the team is equally devoted to ensuring as great an experience as they delivered for the All-Star Game in July.

Congratulations Sporting Kansas City.