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bostonYesterday we offered a guest post from Jamie Clary about his travels to 17 straight MLS Cup Finals.  We posted the story on Twitter and received some interesting responses from folks believing that Jamie and his friend should be celebrated for their commitment to the league its championship.  Their story also led to some Twitter exchanges asking for other fans who have  managed the same feat to identify themselves.  To date, we haven’t found any other fans who have made it to each, but courtesy of Steve Goff of the Washington Post, we discovered that Mr. Goff, Ridge Mahoney and Michael Lewis are three journalists who have made each final.

On to trivia:

What was the hyped-up name of the championship game of the first North American Soccer League?

At first it was simply the NASL Championship Game.  In 1975, though, league executives dusted off the title that had applied to the college championship before the NCAA had created a post-season tournament.  NASL’s championship became known as the Soccer Bowl.

Excerpt from The First American Soccer Trivia Book by Jamie Clary; Copyright 2007 FreeFalling Graffiti

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