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advocareApologies for the technical difficulties yesterday.  Before we get to the attendance numbers, the big business story of the day involved the NY Daily News story that suggested that MLS is strongly considering a move to a European calendar as early as 2014.  Eventually, the league denied the story, but debates about the wisdom of the move raged on the internet for hours.

I have previously come out against such a move.  The idea of a Winter match in the cold climbs of the Northern United States gives me pause.  Perhaps more importantly, the suggested August start date conflicts with football (college and pro) and runs alongside the MLB stretch drive and the entire NHl/NBA season.  The current schedule allows the league to breath during the Summer as the only game in town other than baseball.  Also, the Spring-Fall schedule makes for good weather in most cities. RSN’s are more starved for live content during the Summer months.

On to attendance.  There were three mid-week games, and attendance was a mixed bag.  San Jose managed its usual 10k plus while Seattle saw a crowd of just over 38k.  The mid-week start time hurt the crowd in BBVA Compass  Stadium.

The weekend started in Montreal, with a bit under 20k for the Impact’s loss to the Revs.  Also on Saturday, just over 11k were at RFK as United continues to play out the string on this disappointing year.  There were just over 14k in Dallas on Saturday night.  Not surprisingly, the Cascadia Cup drew yet another sellout in Portland.

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