Trivia Answer & Promotions

questionBefore we get to the trivia answer, now is a good time to take a look at home some franchises around the league are promoting their upcoming matches.  Let’s start in resurgent (at the gate) Columbus, where geographic rivals Chicago Fire are coming to town.  The Crew have a number of activities going on on game day as part of their Put Out the Fire & Viva el Futbol events.  Among the promotions are all you eat tickets, giveaways to the first 10k through the gate, celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month, including music and food and more.  Post game, young fans are invited on the field to attempt a PK.   Lifeline of Ohio is sponsoring the cinch sack giveaway.

The Dynamo are in the midst of a push to the playoffs and the team has brought back a prior promotion in conjunction with McDonald’s.  The team is offering four tickets and four meal vouchers for $69.99.  This is a somewhat strange promotion, as the vouchers are not redeemable at the stadium.  Most meal/ticket deals include food at the stadium.

Finally, DC United is offering a couple of College Night and beer night type promotions that offer discounted tickets.

On to trivia:

Who was the first player to sign a contract with Major League Soccer?


He proved to the U.S. television audience how rough soccer can be when he took a bone-shattering elbow to the skull during the match between the United States and Brazil of the 1994 World Cup.  On television 32 million people saw Tab Ramos convulsing on the ground.  His notoriety—from that game, his play with the U.S. National Team, and his roots in New Jersey—made Ramos the perfect poster boy for the league when executives announced him as the first to sign with MLS.

Excerpt from The First American Soccer Trivia Book by Jamie Clary; Copyright 2007 FreeFalling Graffiti