Soccer Business Bits: TV Ratings, Quakes & More

san-joseIt has been a while since we took a look at television ratings in Major League Soccer.  Last Friday night Seattle/RSL drew 177k, the biggest number in a long time on the network. The prior game on NBCSN also crossed 100k on the preceding Saturday night.  Over the last five games, the numbers have averaged over 100k with multiple games reaching into 170k plus.  However, these numbers come on the heels of a very poor run of ratings with games dropping under 60k on multiple occasions.  The most recent ESPN2 game was extremely disappointing with under 100k viewers.

In other news, the San Jose slow plod to a stadium continues.  The venue, which had been scheduled to open at the beginning of the season next year and then was postponed until mid-season, has now been delayed until the start of 2015.  According to the article, “A high water table and problems connecting to the city’s sewer system have forced the Earthquakes to delay the opening of their 18,000-seat stadium, club officials said Friday. The second delay in 2½ months means the $60 million building across from Mineta San Jose International Airport won’t open until the 2015 season.”  The team held a groundbreaking almost a year ago,  but progress has been slow.

One final note.  Sports Illustrated recently unveiled their planet futbol blog.  Not long ago, ESPN started its ESPN FC site.  It is great that these sites are increasing their focus on soccer.  It is unfortunate that neither entity felt comfortable using a traditional American descripter of the sport in their title, but both provide excellent coverage of the sport.

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  1. Also unfortunate that SI couldn’t squeeze in a mention of the huge win over Mexico in last week’s edition.

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