Poll Results & Business Bits

advocareThere was a rather large soccer game in Columbus on Tuesday night, but I will let others comment on that significant sporting event.  However, there was also some big business news that emerged on Tuesday from the Metroplex.  FC Dallas’ home ground will now be called Toyota Stadium, while the grounds surrounding the stadium (including the 17th youth fields) will be called Toyota Soccer Center.  This is now the second naming rights deal for the Japanese Automaker.  From the presser: “This is a monumental day for our organization,” said Dan Hunt, vice president of Hunt Sports Group. “My entire family and I are so excited to be partnered with Toyota. I wish my father was alive today to see Toyota join FC Dallas in helping soccer grow across the Metroplex and Texas. This stadium complex was one of his favorite projects and will always be extra special to me as the last project I got to do with him before he passed. I know having such a wonderful partner as Toyota step up and put their name on it would make him proud.”

In other stadium news, DC United Mayor Gray has signed a labor deal for the construction of the new $63 million stadium in the District.  The intention of the agreement is to give District residents job priority as part of the construction. Per the local NBC Affiliate: “Through this agreement, the District has secured the highest priority for bona fide District residents in employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of contracting opportunities for local business,” Gray said. “This agreement advances those goals and ensures that District residents in the construction trades have improved pathways to life-long careers with good wages.”

Now to the poll results.  One third of you get your soccer news from soccer websites and one quarter of you get your news from Twitter.  Newspapers were the bottom feeder with less than 3 percent of you getting your soccer news from newspapers.