Trivia Time

questionAs promised, it is time for Thursday Trivia here at Footiebusiness.  The questions will all have a business bent.  Because it is the first time we are doing trivia, we’ll put up two questions.   Drop your answers into the comments section below and we will provide the correct responses tomorrow.

The questions come courtesy of Jamie Clary.  Mr. Clary is the author of the First American Soccer Trivia Book, available through He has played, coached, refereed and reported the game. During national team games, he often works with USSF compiling stats and helping media. Goalies, he feels, get too much respect from officials. Mexico and France, respectively, are his most hated teams. He plays and lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  The excerpts are from The First American Soccer Trivia Book by Jamie Clary; Copyright 2007 FreeFalling Graffiti

1.  What video game system helped fund the New York Cosmos, of the old NASL?


2.  What do Franz Beckenbauer’s decision to come to the old NASL and Dempsey’s decision to come to MLS have in common?

4 Responses

  1. Given the era, I will guess Atari for the first one, but I have no idea how.

    Number two could be a number of reasons. Maybe because they wer both signed for tv purposes

  2. Ill go the other way and say Colecovision!

  3. I’ll go with Atari also. As for the other questions, I would say that both players were signed in large part for marketing purposes. While both have skill, this is part of elevating the league profile for MLS and was the same for NASL

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