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ivyBefore we get to attendance, there a few major business stories over the weekend that deserve mention.  First, was the transfer and introduction of Clint Dempsey.  When this site started, the intention was to focus on the business of transfers, but over the last four plus years, the scope has greatly expanded and there has been little  focus on the transfer market and MLS rules surrounding player movement.  However, a $9 million transfer and a (reported) $32 million salary certainly rate a mention.  We will look at the business implications of this in greater detail during the week, but the transfer certainly confirms a point made by MLS VP Todd Durbin during a press roundtable in KC:  there are no budgets/caps on transfer fees.

Another big story involved the reboot of the Cosmos on Saturday.  Before a festive crowd of more than 10k and a live television broadcast on SNY (the home of the NY Mets), the team came off as a professional outfit and an opening night success.  Much work remains to be done, but the tv deal and the pomp and circumstance of opening night certainly left a favorable first impression.

On to attendance, with another full slate of games around the league.  The weekend started with a record crowd in KC in excess of 21k.  DC posted an small crowd of just over 12k in weather that was both wet and stormy.   Fans in Philly were treated to an exciting match at PPL Park with more than 18k on hand for the game.   Despite some terrible weather, Colorado managed almost 17k, while the Dynamo moved into playoff position before a crowd of more than 20k at BBVA Compass.

San Jose saw its usual 10k plus, while Seattle entertained more than 39k while the Timbers hosted yet another 20k plus crowd.

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  1. Very good crowds all around MLS this weekend. Well done MLS fans.

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