US Open Cup

soccer statsFour US Open Cup matches were the feature attraction on Wednesday night.  This is the Centennial version of the Open Cup Tournament.  Although the games have never gained traction with most of the sporting public, the Open Cup is a fantastic tournament and the availability of Twitter updates, web broadcasts and liver coverage on various websites has made the even more accessible than ever before.

The egalitarian nature of the event should make tourney a bigger proposition to American sports fans who love the underdog and the possibility of major upsets.  However, the league and Soccer Federation have never done a great job of promoting the games.    The tournament does generally generate coverage in non-MLS markets when a lower division club makes a run.  This coverage can increase knowledge of both the tournament and professional soccer outside the major cities.  Moreover, the tradition of some teams playing their games in alternative stadiums provides fans with an opportunity to watch high level soccer in a more intimate setting.

TV Coverage (both of  live matches and of the tournament) would increase the event’s exposure, but there is little motivation for one of the sports networks to commit any resources to any such coverage.