Soccer Stadium Update

san-joseOver the years we have aggressively tracked stadium construction efforts around the world of American soccer.  We have watched stadiums grow in Harrison, Chester and elsewhere.  While the pace of stadium construction has slowed over the last few years, the San Jose Earthquakes are continuing to move towards their own digs.  San Jose city officials  approved the  Planned Development permit for the construction of the proposed Earthquakes stadium a number of months ago. A rendering of the proposed stadium is here and the team is keeping a stadium blog here.  For a look at ticket prices, click here.

According to the Mercury News, “[t]he $60 million privately funded facility is scheduled to open next spring, although prep work has been challenging on land that once was a factory for M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. Crews have spent the past few months digging out huge, reinforced-concrete footings and underground vaults — including Cold War-era bomb shelters.

“I know hard-core fans want this done yesterday because it’s been such a tortured process getting a stadium approved, but the No. 1 thing is to build it right,” Kaval said during a site tour. “Demolition has taken longer than expected because we didn’t know a lot of stuff was buried here.”

Last Fall, the Mercury News, “the Quakes announced that club seats for the stadium are sold out. With luxury suites and club seats sold out, general seating will go on sale on Tuesday, Oct. 23.”  The club took the strange step of putting these seats on the market before the stadium plans were even finalized.  This step seems to have paid off.  According to the article, the team already has a contingency plan in place in case they sell enough tickets to warrant expansion of the stadium to 24,000 seats.