Soccer Business Bits: Chivas USA Lawsuit, ASG & More

chivasIt is no secret that Chivas USA has been something of a mess this year both on and off the field.  Attendance is lousy, the coach has been fired and the team has divested itself of a number of talented players in an apparent attempt to return the team to its Mexican roots.  It is this last issue that is now causing the team some problems in the courts.  Former Chivas USA coaches Dan Calichman and Ted Chronopoulos have brought suit against Chivas USA and its affiliated  entities alleging that their firing was discriminatory and founded in the franchise’s intention to latin-ize the team.  We will examine the complaint in detail on another night, but you can read it in its entirety here.  It is interesting that the plaintiffs elected to sue Chivas and not MLS as prior plaintiffs have elected to do in cases involving MLS franchises.

In other news, the league’s All-Star Game opponent has been announced.  The 2013 version will feature the MLS All-Stars and Italian Club Roma.  Roma features former MLS stalwart Michael Bradley and recently faltered in the Italian version of the US Open Cup.  The game will be live from Sporting Kansas City’s new home as the league continues to reward franchises that build new stadiums with premier events.

One final note tonight.  This little blurb from Legal Week discusses some of the law firms involvement in the creation of the joint venture between Manchester City and the New York Yankees.  Lawyers will be heavily involved in this process and this article provides some insight into what is required.