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mlsThe introduction of Major League Soccer to the Big Apple isn’t a one day story.  The press conference parade continued on day 2, with the introduction of Claudio Reyna as the first member of the team’s front office.  Once again, the partners trotted out Randy Levine, Michael Bloomberg and representatives of Manchester City to promote the partnership.  YES mainstay Michael Kay hosted the press conference and the event was telecast live on the network. Manchester City and the Yankees have had a prior relationship through the Legends Hospitality arm.  From quoting Yankees President Randy Levine, “”They’re the soccer experts, but we can add a lot through our brand and knowing how to do business here in New York City and making this successful,” Levine said. “Everything we do has to be world-championship caliber, and this will be as well.”

Some other items that were revealed during the last two days have shed some additional light on the deal between City and the Yankees.  According to the New York Times, the Yankee component of the deal only came together in the last couple of weeks.  In addition, the Yankees’ contribution may be as much as $25 million towards the expansion fee.  From a soccer perspective, the Reyna hire seems fairly astute, and the former USA Captain will have two years to start preparing for play in 2015.

Some other final items.  All of the major New York area papers covered the story fairly thoroughly, although the clear leader was the New York Times.  Perhaps more interesting than the coverage, were the more than 200 comments the articles generated.  Other than some criticism of the possible construction of a stadium on local park land, the responses were generally favorable.

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  1. Thanks Ben. I was curious how well it was covered and received in New York. I had only heard Extra Time Radio’s audio clip from Francessa bemoaning the new franchise. What is a new. A loud mouth sports caster bashing a sport he knows nothing about.

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