Soccer Business Bits: Playoff Marketing, Timbers’ Great Works

Timbers BillboardThe Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway on the family of NBC sports networks, including the mothership, NBCSN and CNBC.  The playoffs draw huge numbers for the network and provide an important opportunity for MLS to get put its product before a host of new fans.  NBC continues to do an excellent job promotion MLS during its hockey broadcasts and the quality of their ads could be an effective draw for its soccer product.  It is no secret the second year ratings on NBCSN have not lived up to expectations, and without the Olympics, the NHL playoffs are the best sports draw on NBC until the NFL returns in the Summer.

The Portland Timbers made headlines for all of the right reasons on Wednesday.  Atticus Lane-Dupre is an eight year old living in the Portland area.   Atticus was recently diagnosed with cancer, and through the Make-A-Wish Foundation he expressed the desire to play against the Portland Timbers.  The team pulled out all the stops, hosting Atticus and his team for a match at Jeld-Wen Field on Wednesday afternoon.  The game was remarkably well attended and provided a wonderful memory for the Timbers and their young fans.  This is a great example of the good works a sports franchise can do in the community and the Timbers are to be commended.

The seemingly endless DC United hunt for a stadium continues with reports that the Developer Akridge might work with the district on a land swap to provide land for a stadium in the Buzzards Point area of DC.   According to the DC Biz Journal, “One potential scenario goes like this: Akridge gives up its 9 acres on Buzzard Point in return for one or two high-profile D.C.-owned buildings, perhaps Daly and/or even the Reeves Center at 2000 14th St. NW, and agrees to build a consolidated public safety campus on city-owned land somewhere in the District.”  DC fans are desperate for a new home and any option that provides a home will be welcome by United fans.