Looking at the Adidas & AT&T Relationships

adidasadidas has long been a strong partner of MLS.  Back in 2010 the company increased their MLS deal by $25 million per year over 8 years, and in 2011 the merchandise giant cozied up to MLS’ youth academies.  adidas is outfitting all teams under the MLS development umbrella, sponsoring the Generation U-17 tournament and investing significant resources in the highest levels of American youth soccer.  These players will grow with adidas products hopefully (from the company’s perspective), becoming stars the are wed to the brand. From the league’s perspective, the adidas relationship continues to grow and ensures that a dynamic and prominent corporate entity remains a partner with the league for the long term.

At the time adidas re-negotiated its deal, Commissioner Garberg had this to say: “One of the major reasons Major League Soccer has become one of the top soccer leagues in the world is due to the support and commitment of adidas. “They have a clear vision for the sport in North America, and they see MLS as a cornerstone of that vision. Our extension with adidas is a major statement by an internationally respected brand that MLS is increasing in value and that our commitments to stadium construction, strategic expansion, player development and improvement in the overall quality of play are playing dividends.”

AT&T has also had a long-term relationship with MLS.  Recently, reports suggest that the relationship has expanded with rights for MLS, Mexican Soccer Federation and US Soccer.   The telecommunications company has been the long time sponsor of the league’s All Star Game, the provider of mi-coach and a constant presence on stadium signage.  From the quoted article, “”We’ve recognised the growing passion for soccer in the US,” said Greg Skasko, director of sponsorships for AT&T. “The engagement from our promotions has been very strong. It’s a multicultural fan base and really hits the 18-34 demographic. We also love that MLS is tech-savvy and so are their fans.”

The deal was negotiated on behalf of AT&T by The Marketing Arm agency.”