Soccer Business Bits: Dynamo TV, Jersey Sponsors & More

fox soccerThe Sports Business Journal is reporting on Houston’s substantial foray into Dynamo TV and digital content creation for 2013.  According to the article, “a staff of 10, made up of existing members of the Dynamo’s multimedia, marketing and communications department, was appointed after last season to produce Dynamo TV. While the club seeks to add more resources over the next year — including a studio, additional cameras, green screens and lighting kits — it now gets by on creativity and access.”  The channel includes looks at Houston’s youth teams, interviews with players and coaches and more. To see the Dynamo channel click here.

In a somewhat bizarre business story, MLS is featuring a piece on its website where an artist has taken the uniforms of all of the Major League Baseball teams and create soccer style jerseys for each.  As part of that process, Boston-based web developer Mark Willis customized each shirt with local flair and matched them with local jersey sponsors.  To be honest, I don’t know why Mr. Willis elected to devote his energies to this project, but some of his efforts are certainly very interesting.  Whether jersey sponsors are on the near horizon for some of the other sports leagues remains to be seen, but given the possible revenue generated by such advertising, it is difficult to imagine that the other leagues wont look in that direction eventually.

Finally, the CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals start this coming week with the first league.  All matches will be on the soon to close its doors Fox Soccer.  As is true every year, a win by an MLS team would represent a significant milestone for the league.  In addition to a spot in the Club World Cup, the respect and recognition that such a victory could garner among some of the Mexican/American soccer community would substantially aid the growth of the league.