First Kick Business Bits: Commish Speaks, TV Notes & More

mlsOn Wednesday Commissioner Garber gave his annual pre-First Kick address to the media.  Unlike prior years, the address was conducted via Google+ and in a venue at Google’s New York headquarters. Journalists asked questions either from the venue or via video hookup.  The questions touched on expansion to New York (going strong but timeline not indefinite), the Cosmos (they chose the lower division) and the Cascadia trademark dispute (league could have handled it better).  Not surprisingly, television ratings and attendance (the first bad and the second positive) were a strong topic as were various fan outreach efforts.  The entire event was held under the theme of the “March to Soccer”.

Speaking of the weekend, the national broadcast schedule starts with the second game of the weekend a TSN telecast of Vancouver and Toronto.  The first national telecast comes Saturday night courtesy of the NBCSN, with the 8:00 broadcast of Houston and DC.  The first Spanish language broadcast comes on Sunday, with Unimas offering LA/Chicago.  Sunday night brings the ESPN2 broadcast live from Portland, with the Red Bulls in town.

For those interested in the televising of soccer, ESPN put out this great piece about art and science of televising the beautiful game.  Contrary to popular belief, the production team has a real affinity for the game.  One other broadcast note,  For those who are fans of the National Hockey League, league broadcast partner NBC has done a great job promoting MLS during hockey games.  The network has run promos on both NBC and NBCSN with an eye towards the coming season openers.

Whatever your team and whatever your rooting interest, enjoy the games!