Monday After

san-joseTime for the last Monday After of the off season.  As regular readers know, we tend to use Mondays to look at a few big business stories from American soccer.  During the season, that look includes a recount of attendance figures and an examination of the national broadcasts from the last round of games.  For now, I hope everyone enjoyed the last weekend without MLS and here are some business stories to enjoy.

It is no secret that MLS is wed to the idea of expanding into New York City for its 20th franchise.  Yet over the last few months, Orlando has been the city generating the most ink around the possibility of moving into the top level of American soccer.  Over the weekend, the Orlando Sentinel provides a detailed feature on Flavio Augusto da Silva, a Brazilian businessman who has dumped tens of millions of his own money into the team. One interesting business not from the feature comes courtesy of Orlando City owner John Bonner, who indicated that the team had choices when looking at potential big money investors into the franchise.

On Sunday the league announced that Commissioner Garber will participate in a “March to Soccer” via the league’s YouTube channel and via Google+ hangout.  The event will be hosted by Google’s New York office.   This event will replace the annual teleconference with the media and will be a first for a league commissioner.  The devil is in the details, but it will be interesting to see if this replaces the usual phone interactions on a permanent basis.

One final note. After much trial and tribulation, construction is set to begin on the Earthquakes’ new stadium in San Jose.  This week the building process will take a big leap forward with the team on track for a 2014 opening.  For more on the stadium financing and permitting process, click here.