Happy Anniverary….to Footiebusiness

forthAmazingly enough, Footiebusiness is about to start its 5th year of covering the business of American soccer.    It has been a great ride and one that I hope to continue to enjoy and improve. When I started the site, I had no idea how long it would last, whether there was any interest in the business aspects of American soccer or whether anyone would read what I wrote.  Four years later,  I couldn’t be more pleased with how things have evolved.

The photos I have used in on this site are stored in reverse chronological order.  In drafting this post, I scrolled through the pictures and they tell a great story about the developments in the world of American soccer over the last four years.  From the rise and fall of WPS, to the expansion prospects of St. Louis and the explosion of SSS around the league, tons has happened since February of 2009.

I am amazed at the multitudes that come here every day for information about the business of the beautiful game and then keep coming back for more. It has been more fun and more challenging to bring fresh content on a daily basis than I ever could have imagined and it has been the feedback from readers that have motivated the site to continue to move forward.   So to our readers, we offer a big THANK YOU.

Thank you also to Contributing Author Dave Laidig.  Dave’s posts are always interesting and informative while providing great discussion points.  Dave’s mind for statistics and data is remarkable and he is at the forefront of the new wave of soccer analytics.  Thanks to Nick Kosar, who provided a couple of great guest posts this year.  While both Nick and Dave have expanded their writing horizons beyond Footiebusiness, I hope they will continue  to occasionally grace these pages with their insight.

I am looking forward to a bigger and better fifth year and invite you to let me know what stories you want Footiebusiness to cover.  As always, if you have an interest in guest posting or just want to discuss the business of the game, feel free to drop a line to Footiebusiness@gmail.com

Thanks again for reading.