Where Do You Get Your Soccer?

soccer paperEvery once in a while, I like to take a reader poll on media matters.  Today, I want to ask where you get your American soccer.  Specifically, in a world with Twitter functioning as a dominant news source, I am curious to know what soccer websites you visit to get your fix.  This excludes social media and general sports and news sites.  In addition to registering your vote, drop a line with your thoughts.

3 Responses

  1. I like US Soccer Players because it has a focus on Americans abroad as well as looking at MLS.

  2. American Soccer Now for anything related to US Soccer.

  3. Can you allow more than one choice? SBI, ESPN, and FoxSoccer and BigSoccer are good for national stories. I like FireConfidential and Hot Time in Old Town for news about the Chicago Fire.

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