Monday After

whalersDigging out here in Hartford after about 2 feet of snow (and more on the way).  I hope everyone stayed warm and safe over the weekend.  For soccer fans, there was a wide array of matches to enjoy, including EPL, MLS preseason and USWNT. For those snowbound in their homes (and with power), soccer was certainly available to provide a welcome distraction.   The matches from Orlando (featuring 6 MLS teams) were live streamed by the league’s website.  The league season is just three weeks away and the Champions League also right around the corner.

We’ve written repeatedly about efforts to construct a new soccer stadium in Queens for the much desired New York franchise.  Now comes word that organized labor has started speaking out in favor of the project.  At the end of last week, three prominent local unions issued statements indicating their support for construction of the proposed 25k seat venue.  For more on the unions’ positions, click here.

Sticking with the expansion theme, the Orlando Business Journal is reporting that Florida Governor Rick Scott has come out in favor a stadium, partially financed with tax credits, for a possible MLS expansion franchise in the City.  The proposed $100 million dollar project would seat 15-20k and is also supported by Orlando’s mayor.  The league is very interested in returning to the Southeast, and Orlando is one of the favorites in that region.

One final note. NBC’s NHL coverage is in full swing.  The NBCSN’s first MLS match is three weeks away.  When will game specific promotion of the MLS start during hokey broadcasts?