Monday After

sporting kansas citLast week we posted and tweeted about Sporting’s jersey sponsorship.  We noted that the timing of the announcement, coming in the middle of the Major League Soccer SuperDraft, was curious, as the team risked lessening the reach and impact of the news.  The deal with Ivy Funds is a significant milestone for the team and we opined that the timing impacted Sporting’s ability to trumpet its new relationship.

Sporting’s Executive Vice President of Communications and Digital, Rob Thomson, reached out to Footiebusiness provide the team’s rationale for timing.  According to Mr.  Thomson, the team hoped to capitalize on the presence of the national soccer media and soccer heavyweights to increase exposure for the big news.  Mr. Thomson also indicated that the draft offered a great introduction to the league for Tom Butch, the President and CEO of Ivy Funds (a reported fan).  Finally, Mr. Thomson indicated that the team hadn’t anticipated a player of Mikey Lopez’s quality falling to them in the draft, and that the team had some expectation of trading the pick in the lead-up to the draft.

Thanks to Mr. Thomson for providing the team’s perspective on Sporting’s decision making process.  He certainly provided a window into how the team approached the announcement and efforts to publicize same.  I certainly welcome the input of Footiebusiness readers.

One final note (I had about 200 words on the “controversy” over the trademarking of Cascadia Cup, but it got lost in the internet ether.  I may address that topic later this week).  There are reports that reality television guru Mark Burnett is producing a new series for CBS titled The Job.  The show will apparently feature Lisa Ling of the View as the host.  The show will apparently involve contestants vying for a job with various companies (one per show) The soccer related part of this involves indications that Major League Soccer will be one of the featured employers.  If true, that would certainly provide great publicity for the league. Presumably, the league wouldn’t agree to participate unless they felt assured that the league would be positively portrayed.