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mlsThe Major League Soccer Combine got underway over the weekend, with college players from around the country meeting in Florida to showcase their wares to coaches, agents, general mangers and more in advance of the upcoming MLS SuperDraft.   There are also a handful of foreign players invited to the event.   Coverage of the  process has been subdued this year as opposed to prior years, with limited video.   That said, the highlight packages put together by the league are quite good and provide excellent flavor of the event.  To see some of that video, click here.

Last week we discussed the ESPN decision to move the SuperDraft to ESPN3, with the first overall pick carried on SportsCenter.  On Friday afternoon, the league announced that the event would be streamed “globally” through a number of different online partners.  First, this seems like an attempt to beautify a bad situation.  Streaming something online is a step down from live television (which can also be streamed), and streaming is synonymous with globally in any event.  Nevertheless, the broadcast will feature  Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman. They will be joined by members of the editorial team and other guests.

Finally, from the long dormant Atlanta expansion discussion, here is an article about a possible new football stadium in Atlanta.  As is very common now when such plans are discussed, the possibility of future soccer team is raised by those involved.   The league has made no secret of its disdain for a future based in large football stadiums, and such a plan seems unlikely.  However, the possibility of additional dates for a tax fueled venue is a big selling point when football only brings 10 games per season.

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    Thought this would be a fun way to see who has the leading insights on the upcoming season!

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