Monday After: Vancouver Sponsors, Fake Grass & More

alex morganLast post of 2012 will be our regular Monday After feature.  No new post on New Year’s Day, but I will return with a final update on the Business Story of the Year on January 2.

We’ll start this week in Vancouver, where the Whitecaps ended 2012 by publishing an informative and comprehensive aggregation of their partnership aggregations in 2012.  The team produced article includes video about many of events, and provides additional exposure for the team’s commercial partners.  The team should be applauded for putting this list together.  We’ve repeatedly written about the loyalty shown by MLS fans to to sponsors, offering a last acknowledgement of their 2012 contribution provides one last benefit and provides further evidence of the team’s commitment to its sponsors.  To see the final review, click here.

Frequent readers of this site know that I find the turf/grass debate overplayed.  Regardless, many fans (and many players and coaches) have strong feelings about the safety factor of natural grass versus its imitators.  Last week, there was some discussion of placing World Cup Qualifiers in the Pacific Northwest using temporary grass fields.  Major League Soccer’s website has a good aggregation of the arguments on both sides of the issue and some information regarding possible locations of the upcoming matches.  You can find a link here.

One final note.  With the National Women’s Soccer league gearing up for its first season, reports of player allocation, draft rules and other items are starting to emerge.  Jeff Kassouf does his usually thorough job of covering the women’s game and you kind find more about the roster process here.