More About that Loyalty Question

bimboYesterday we wrote about the Turnkey Sports study (as reported by SBJ) that demonstrated the incredible brand awareness and loyalty of Major League Soccer fans. We’ve been reporting on that survey for a number of years and the remarkable willingness of MLS fans to actively promote companies that invest in the league is a common thread.  According to data from the 2010 version of the survey, 80% of avid MLS fans are more likely to recommend a product or service if it has a relationship with the league.  How many of you have considered Continental Tires, Allstate Insurance or a room at a Sheraton Four Points because of the MLS ties?

The demonstrated loyalty of MLS fans provides a unique business opportunity for potential and existing league sponsors.  One of the key points to emerge from the study was that the level of visibility achieved by MLS sponsors far outstrips their market penetration.  The VW data is a telling on this point.  We noted yesterday that VW has a 28.5%  recognition level among avid MLS fans.  Per SBJ, “that VW recognition comes as only 3 percent of all cars sold in the United States through October were VWs, according to Autodata research.” Thus, even though the league as a comparatively small fan base, sponsors get incredible bang for the buck.

We received some interesting e-mails and Tweets discussing the vested interest soccer fans have long had in the success of the league.  So we now pose the question here.  How many of you are more willing to consider products  because of their investment in the league.  Will you buy Continental Tires, an AT&T plan or Allstate insurance?  Do you distinguish between team sponsors (Quaker) and league sponsors (Four Points)?  Drop a line and let us know.