Team PR Award Part II

As we stated last week, it is time to start looking at the candidates for the Footiebusiness Team PR award. In past years, the Award was defined this way:  “Department recognized for consistent, accurate and proactive efforts in providing media members with information and generating coverage for its team.”  However, because this is now a Footiebusiness Award, we think recognition for marketing and promotional efforts should also be included.For purposes of this award, the “2012 year” started when voting closed last October. For our brief summary of the candidacies of Houston and Sporting, click here.

Our third finalist is the Chicago Fire.  The team had a great year in the stands with attendance increasing by 15% to well over 16,000 fans per game.   Last year the team averaged more than 1,000 over its lifetime average and more than 2,000 over its 2011 number.   Perhaps the biggest business news for Chicago came during the Winter, when the team announced a $1.3-1.5 million dollar per year jersey sponsorship agreement with Quaker Oats. If the report is accurate, the new deal is a great score for a Fire franchise that went without a jersey sponsor in 2011 after Best Buy ended its relationship before the season started last year.  The team also has done a great job on social media and prepared some great visuals to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Our last candidate is San Jose.  Despite the close confines of its Buck Shaw premises, the team averaged more than 13k during the season thanks to its occasional forays off site.  Nevertheless, the team saw a 12% increase in year over year attendance.  Perhaps most importantly, the team broke ground on a new stadium after years of starts and stops.  The ground breaking drew a Guinness Book record for a ground breaking while generating publicity for the team.  On the downside, the team failed to secure a shirt sponsor for 2012 following the end of its relationship with Amway.

Any other suggestions?  Lay it on?  Voting will be next week.