Business Blogging

Been a while since I’ve penned a business blog of a live broadcast, so I thought I would provide some thoughts on the NBC Sports Network telecast from  Red Bull Arena with some added thoughts on the Kansas City/Houston match.  Obviously, it didn’t work out as planned!

The snow filled game opened with a the great NBC playoff intro and included some great shots of the snow bombarding the field .  Russ Thaler and Arlo White anchored the pre-game coverage before a nearly vacant Red Bull Arena.  They quickly announced that Don Garber and Mark Abbott were among the crew clearing the fans.  After a focus on Henry, Kyle Martino presented a pre-game interview with Kenny Cooper.  They also discussed the great fan support  up by bus from DC.

The first set of commercials opened with Pepsi, followed by Nissan, Panasonic and Hot Pockets.  The set continued with the James Bond/Heineken promotion, a Home Depot commercial and an ad for NOS.  After the break, they presented the great FIFA EA 13feature.  The camera work of the snow was spectacular.  The second round of commercials included ads for FIFA 13, Gatorade, VW, Adidas and local spots.  After the break, the Panasonic pre-game show continued with an interview with Ben Olsen and Hans Backe and Nelson Rodriguez.

NBC Sports Network did a great job televising what was a weird situation.  The snow shots were great, Kyle Martino’s work on the field was outstanding and the production team should be commended for the great effort.  After the cancellation, it was a fantastic call for the league and network to bring live coverage of the Sporting/Dynamo game via the Houston broadcast.