Team PR Award

It is the time of year when votes are cast in Major League Soccer for MVP, Defender of the Year, Coach of the Year and more (voting just closed last week). This is the fouth year that has been a voter, but the second year that a Team PR Award isn’t among the offerings.  However, whether official or not, we thought it worth casting our vote for the 2012 Team PR.  In past years, the Award was defined this way:  “Department recognized for consistent, accurate and proactive efforts in providing media members with information and generating coverage for its team.”  However, because this is now a Footiebusiness Award, we think recognition for marketing and promotional efforts should also be included.For purposes of this award, the “2012 year” started when voting closed last October.

Last year, we named Sporting Kansas City the 2011 winner.  In 2011, Sporting started the year with a complete re-brand that included a name change and much more.  The second place trophy went to Portland, which entered the league  just last year.  In 2011, Portland generated fantastic local publicity while becoming a sensation in the national sports media for its passionate crowds, Timber Joey and national anthem.

Both teams are certainly candidates for the 2012 version of this award.  Over the few days we will look at the nominees which also include Houston, for their successful transition to a new stadium, Seattle for their continued excellence as a franchise and San Jose, which has taken a big step towards a new stadium while having an outstanding year on the field.

Drop us a line with your suggestions. Is there a team we are missing?  A clear winner?  Use the comments section or send an e-mail to  We’ll discuss all the nominees over the next couple of weeks and have a vote before MLS Cup.

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  1. Hard to root against Seattle for this. Big crowds, GM vote, big players. They seem to do everything right. Other than Houston (which is borderline Western Conference), it is all West teams

  2. Kansas City again. They are good on and off the field. How they deal with lance Armstrong problems will be interesting. Also where is the jersey sponsor?

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