San Jose Stadium Moves Forward

On October 21, 2012, the San Jose Earthquakes set a dubious record with more than 6,200 participants in the ground breaking at their new stadium.   While the importance of having the Guinness Book of World Records mark the event is debatable, there is no question that moving forward with this long stalled project is great news for the team and the league.  San Jose has had a great year on the field and to cap this off with the start of construction of a new 18,000 stadium shows great progress for a team that was forced to depart for Houston just a few years ago.

After multiple fits and starts, the team appeared to cross some final hurdles and appeared ready to start the construction process a few months back.  A while back, the team held a ceremonial ground breaking at the start of the demo process.   Although the event included a fair amount of pomp and circumstance, the demolition does not guarantee construction.    A rendering of the proposed stadium is here.

The Stadium will seat 18,000 and is set to open in 2014.  According to the Mercury News, the facility “sits at Coleman Avenue and Newhall Street, across from Mineta San Jose International Airport. Team officials said the large turnout Sunday bode well for season-ticket sales and the long-term success and stability of the team, something the franchise has not enjoyed since it was founded in 1974.”

The second iteration of soccer in San Jose has been a great success. The team has a marketable star, the best record in the league and solid local coverage of the team.   The stadium would be a crowning achievement for the league, the team and for the Earthquakes’ ownership group.

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  1. The stadium news from San Jose is a wonderful and welcome event for all soccer fans. As to the “debatable” importance of the Guiness-blessed groundbreaking, I think events like this are very important to the success of the sport in North America. The fact is, MLS cannot afford to be like the “Big Four” sports — using the words of that old Avis rent-a-car commercial, soccer in North America has to “try harder.” So a PR effort like San Jose’s groundbreaking is to be applauded. In our social media-driven world, videos (and blog posts!) about such events go viral, something crucially important to driving the visibility, interest, and sales.

    I was a little surprised at the 18,000-seat limit. While most cities probably aren’t going to go “Seattle” soon (i.e., sell 30,000 – 50,000 tickets for games), I question whether the clubs that have built soccer specific stadiums all have expansionability built into their new stadia. As the sport grows, season ticket holder sales should rise, leaving less room for gameday ticket sales, which I think are typically priced higher (and are more profitable). I think it’s necessary to think positive about the growth of the sport, and thus about the next era of expanding the capacity of the existing SSS’s.

  2. […] One final note. After much trial and tribulation, construction is set to begin on the Earthquakes’ new stadium in San Jose.  This week the building process will take a big leap forward with the team on track for a 2014 opening.  For more on the stadium financing and permitting process, click here. […]

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