Critical Mention Update

It has been far too long since we have looked at the Critical Mention website for references to MLS.  Over the last year or so, we have discussed MLS’ efforts to measure the value of its television exposure through various local and national broadcasts.  Through the website, MLS tries to alert media  to the “value” of its presence on various television programs.

The latest version dates back to the weekend following the US victory over A&B in World Cup Qualifying.  ESPN covered the game on Sports Center, with the broadcast reaching almost 2.8 million people. The clip included highlights of all three goals, one of the big saves of the match and a second viewing of the opposing goal.   ESPN also added the indomitable Tommy Smyth with commentary about the game and the importance of the win for the United States.  According to Critical Mention, the value of the publicity was almost $180,000 and was part of the midnight SportsCenter.

The local Fox affiliate in Portland devoted a significant chunk of its early morning news broadcast to the charitable works of the Portland Timbers.  The broadcast included player interviews and more than three minutes of the team’s outreach and good community efforts.  The clip,which can be found here, reached approximately 20,000 viewers and was worth more than $6,000 in publicity.  This was a good spot for the team and the league.

Finally, in one of the lowest dollar value telecasts we have ever covered through Critical Mention, the ABC affiliate in Orlando devoted some time to discussing the possibility of building a soccer stadium in the City.  The late night spot reached less than 3,000 people for a value of approximately $180.