Soccer Stadium Update

We wrote earlier in the week about developments in DC surrounding a possible new stadium within the district.  According to Steve Goff, D.C. Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) said Friday that he hopes to have the framework for a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point in place by the end of the year.  While he subsequently backed off of those statements slightly, there appears to be momentum towards a stadium in DC.  After years of flirting with Northern Virgina and Maryland, the possibility of a site within the district is very big news for the team.   A number of years ago, DC was investigating the possibility of a stadium at Poplar Point but politics, finances and the economy got in the way of that effort, yet the possibility of leaving the urban center for the suburbs upset many in the team’s core fan base.   A new stadium on the Metro will be an important step for one of the league’s flagship franchises.

There was also more news today about the possibility of a stadium in New York City.  A few weeks back we reported that Major League Soccer was  closing on a deal to construct a $300 million facility in Queens at Corona Park.   According to the article, the 25,000 seat stadium could start rising from the ground as early as next year.  As we have previously discussed on this site, MLS has made it clear that the stadium is the primary goal for a New York 2 project. has an informative piece on the issue that includes a provocative statement from MLS VP Nelson Rodriguez indicating that all potential owners are well aware that any other franchise must wait until after 2016 when the league hopes to open NY2.  According to the article, “the project for the new stadium in Queens already has a schedule which the league hopes will be approved by the New York political establishment in six to eight months. In addition, the league also hopes to have an ownership group in place during that time-frame.”