MLS Lawsuits: Namoff Sues DC United

Every once in a while I put on my lawyer hat and take a look at a claim or two involving soccer personalities.  The most recent case involves former DC United defender Bryan Namoff.  In a case filed in the District of Columbia, Namoff and his wife have sued DC Soccer LLC d/b/a DC United and former United coach Tom Soehn.  The Complaint alleges that Namoff suffered a hit to his head in 2009 during  a match against Kansas City.   After completing the game, Namoff was allegedly diagnosed with a concussion.

The Complaint further alleges that appropriate tests were not conducted to evaluate Namoff’s post concussion condition.  Three days later, Namoff played in match against Seattle.  The Complaint sounds in counts of medical malpractice, negligent training and others. The Complaint, a copy of which is attached here, courtesy of Courthouse News, is seeking in excess of $10 million.   There is also a claim for loss of consortium brought by Namoff’s wife seeking an additional $2 million.

Concussions are obviously a hot topic right now and if this matter proceeds to trial, Namoff will find a jury substantially more familiar with the idea of concussion related injuries than would have been the case years ago.  The case has been picked up by a number of parties with an interest in the ongoing NFL litigation.  The litigation process is long and typically involves initial discovery, including an exchange of written materials and answers to direct questions exchanged between the parties.  Relevant witnesses will provide deposition under oath under examination from lawyers for the parties.  There will be multiple opportunities for the parties to engage in settlement discussions to resolve the case out of the public spotlight.