Critical Mention Update

It has been far too long since we have looked at the Critical Mention website for references to MLS.  Over the last year or so, we have discussed MLS’ efforts to measure the value of its television exposure through various local and national broadcasts.  Through the website, MLS tries to alert media  to the “value” of its presence on various television programs.

The most valuable broadcast came courtesy of 9 News in Denver, where a lengthy piece discussed a Battle of the Badges charity soccer match between the local fire and police departments.  The Rapids were a sponsor of the event which was held on behalf of certain fire and policy charities.  The Rapids got some great publicity from the news story and a possible attendance bump as well.  The match will be played immediately following a Rapids home match and $25 charity tickets were offered through the story.  According to Critical Mention, the value of the broadcast was just over $17k for airtime, with an estimated 27,000 viewers. The broadcast was part of the local NBC affiliate’s morning news.

ESPN drew the second highest value broadcast with a brief clip of Landon Donovan’s assist during the Galaxy romp over Chivas USA. The highlight was played as part of the ESPN Top Plays segment and featured a brief mention of Donovan’s four assists.  The highlights came out on Sportscenter on August 13 at the end of the looped telecast.  The brief segment reached almost 700,000 estimated viewers for approximately $16k worth of value.