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The Olympics are over, but NBC managed to milk one more prime time match for MLS during the Olympic coverage.  Ratings have been stellar for the Peacock during the Olympics and MLS has enjoyed a bump during the same window.  The USA Women also drew huge numbers of viewers during their mid-week/mid-day medal matches.   The gold medal game eclipsed 4 million viewers, cruising past the 2009 and 2010 versions of the Staley Cup Finals.  According to the New York Times, the final was the most streamed event of the Games, while the semi-final almost managed a total of 3 million television viewers.

One other business note.  We neglected to mention that the Red Bulls had terminated recently hired Business Director Chris Heck.  The former NBA executive lasted just over a year with Red Bulls.  Heck was despised by many Red Bulls season ticket holders and was blamed for recent price hikes and mid-day matches.  In fairness, I thought the idea of a mid-day camp day game was an idea worth trying. It works in baseball, and had the temps been in the low 80s instead of 100, it may have worked out.

The attendance week started a sold-out crowd in excess of 20,000 to see Sporting claim the US Open Cup from defending champions Seattle.  The nationally televised Red Bulls/Dynamo match pulled almost 16k at Red Bull Arena.  The crowd actually sounded great on the NBCSN telecast.   In Vancouver, the Whitecaps drew an outstanding crowd in excess of 20k for their surprising victory over RSL.   Kansas City doubled down on their big number and pulled another 20k crowd for their home win over DC on Saturday.  Dallas won an exciting match over Colorado on Saturday night before a crowd just over 10k.   San Jose also pulled a crowd just over 10k as they won another match and continued their remarkable drive in the Western Conference.

In the Sunday games, the Union managed a solid 18k + crowd, while the boxing didn’t do much for the Revs’ at the gate, with less than 13k in attendance for the team’s game against Montreal.

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  1. The attendance at the USOC final was just a bit over 18,000, and I couldn’t find any reputable news outlets reporting that it was a sell out. Remember, even though attendance may be slightly over the stated capacity of the stadium, its not necessarily a sell out. They also count players, coaches, staff, TV crews, etc. in attendance figures.

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