Selling Tickets in MLS

It has been far too long since we last took a look at efforts to promote tickets sales in Major League Soccer.  During a year in which attendance figures continue to impress, it is worth taking a moment to look at what teams are doing to sell seats in 2012.   Recall that last year Major League Soccer announced the formation of the MLS National Sales Center to assist MLS teams with ticket sales and staffing.  The Center was slated to offer a 45 day program that included placing graduate ticket sales professionals in employment with individual MLS teams.

On to the promotions, which continue to dip around the league.  There was a time where almost every team had multiple promotions pending for each game, but those campaigns have largely come to an end.  Many teams now offer chances to win tickets in conjunction with their sponsors.  These types of promotions are doubly effective because they showcase a sponsor while driving traffic to team websites.

That said, DC United has always been one of the teams to consistently offer packages to entice fans.  The current offering is a Family Pack that includes 4 tickets, 4 sodas and 4 hot dogs for less than $60.  The package is available for the August 19 match and is time to coincide with a Play with the Pros Day that will provide 150 youth fans with an opportunity to interact with the players on the field.

RSL’s always aggressive front office is now offering a “Pride Pack” that allows fans to formulate their own mini plans for the duration of the season.  Fans can select any four games with seats costing as little as $20.  Somewhat atypically, Champions League matches are part of the offering.