Looking at MLS Salaries

The annual mid-summer dump of player salary information by the Major League Soccer Player’s Union has hit, and as always, it makes for a great read for fans. As always, there is plenty of fodder for discussion for fans looking critically at the list of salaries.  The Revolution’s all new Designated Player Jerry Bengston is making only $120,000, suggesting that his DP status is based on his transfer fee and not his salary.  Montreal’s new Italian DP De Vaio is making just about $2 million dollars while former all-world Italian defender Nesta is making less than $200k.

The three Galaxy DPs are making almost $10 million combined with Beckham just south of $4million and Donovan at $2.4 million.  Shalrie Joseph’s new half million dollar salary is now Chivas USA’s problem.  Wondo remains a goal scoring deal at $300k and arguably one of the league leaders for most underpaid.

Drop us a line with your thoughts on the salary list.  Who makes too much?  Who makes too little?



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  1. No way in hell is Nesta making that little. MLS is a little shady to say the least in terms of releasing players salaries. Kenny Miller salary stood out as well, a little 2 much i would say.

  2. The numbers come from the Players’ Union, and the league typically is silent. Some GM’s have (via twitter) pushed back on the public salaries. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual values depended on one’s “accounting method”.

  3. All teams have at least a couple of head-scratchers (it’s always been that way) and at few young players that are making at or the league min and are quality starting players.
    Di Vaio’s salary isn’t that much of a shock because it was hinted that he was making a lot of money around the time he signed but it still is surprising. Corradi is only making around 300k and they have similar resumes (I don’t follow Serie A closely). They are both 36 year old strikers that played in Italy and have been capped around 15 times in the early to mid 00’s. Di Vaio seems like he was contributing to a bigger club near the end and Corradi wasn’t but the Impact also had to be aware that it was possible that Di Vaio could be banned from playing for a year or more for not alerting authorities about match fixing.
    Looking at Colorado’s salary is confusing. They have a lot of older players: Casey 400k, Marshall 90k, Mullan 150k+, some people swear by Pickens but I think you can find better for 180k, Smith 150k, Marvell freaking Wynne at 250k+. They don’t really have a game-changing DP and they overpay on aging players. That’s why they are struggling right now.

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