Monday After

The Olympics got started over the weekend and the NBC networks have certainly used the opportunity to promote both Major League Soccer and the NBC Sports Network.  Commercials for both have dotted the Olympic landscape during the ongoing coverage.  On Sunday , the NBC Sports Network televised the Union/Revolution in prime time opposite the primary Olympic coverage on the main network.  The time slot has the possibility of picking up accidental eyeballs from folks looking for coverage of the games from London.

Now on to the attendance, which started with a record crowd at PPL for the MLS All-Stars’ victory over Chelsea with a crowd of almost 20k.  On Friday night, RSL bested Vancouver before a crowd in excess of 18,700 at Rio Tinto.  Toronto continued the strong attendance showing with another crowd approaching 20k despite the team’s ongoing struggles on the field.   The Red Bulls visited Montreal on Saturday and were greeted by the rare sellout crowd at Stade Saputo.  Whether because of Henry’s appearance or the team’s general star power, the attendance was a positive sign for Montreal.

The big numbers continued in Dallas, where the annual LA Galaxy visit led to a crowd in excess of 22k.  Sporting managed a crowd just shy of 19k for their match at LiveStrong and Colorado managed a crowd just shy of 19k at DSG.  San Jose cruised back past the 10,500 mark for their home match after failing to cross 10k in their last home game.  Portland continued its strong numbers in the stands with a sellout on Saturday despite the team’s ongoing problems on the field.