ASG Wrap

The Major League Soccer version of the mid-summer classic has come and gone and today’s post will focus on some miscellaneous business items from the victory over Chelsea.  First, a quick note about the post game coverage on the day after. Kudos to and for some outstanding match coverage including commentary and analysis.  The same is true for the Philadelphia papers, which provided full press coverage of the game in Chester.

Other noteworthy business items include the challenges faced by the release of the AT&T MiCoach feature.  The website suffered from fits and starts at the outset.  In addition, not all of the players were properly tracking.  That said, the feature added some interesting data points for fans interested in looking at easy to follow statistics to increase enjoyment of the game.  The feature will be up and running in all MLS games next year.  Also, full marks to AT&T for noticing my tweets on the technology and reaching out directly via Twitter to discuss the issues that arose.

Finally, MLS deserves credit for putting on an outstanding showcase for its All-Star Game.  A packed house, a big name opponent, an exciting game and a solid television broadcast all combined to create an outstanding night for the game in the United States.  The league should hope that NBC Sports uses its Olympic platforms to promote the league and its upcoming primetime telecasts.

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  1. I agree the All Star game was well executed. But I also think the Sons of Ben deserves some credit as well (I know that hurts some on this site). MLS has been selling the game atmosphere, and rightly so, and I think the SOB involvement made for a more interesting match and better TV.

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