Business Blogging: The MLS All-Star Game

As we do for certain televised events, we thought we would offer a “business blog” of the ESPN broadcast.  The match was presented by AT&T.  Last year I was sitting on press row at Red Bull Arena for the ASG, but tonight (devotion to my beautiful wife’s birthday), I am on the couch.  Thus, the business blog will focus on the broadcast rather than the events in Philly.  The game drew a lead-in from Roma/Liverpool in Boston.  The match was exciting and ESPN did a good job promoting the ASG during the earlier match.

It was odd that ESPN telecast led their ASG coverage with a discussion of Michael Bradley.  Bretos, Lalas and Keller formed the studio trio on site at PPL.   The first run of commercials including Allstate, Dick’s, Pepsi, ESPN Radio and local spots.  The pregame was presented by VW. The second round of ads included mi-coach from AT&T, Pizza Hut, CarFax and local spots.  Interestingly, the broadcast went to commercial for the national anthem.  The final round of firsts half commercials included Taco Bell, , AT&T, Pepsi, DirectKick, Century Link, KIA & GMC.

Adrian Healey had the call from the broadcast booth along with color man Taylor Twellman.  Adidas was the first in game sponsor. Adidas, Taco Bell and Allstate got in-game mentions and graphics.  Interestingly, the official MLS Twitter account was tweeting ahead of the ESPN2 broadcast.    The network did a fairly effective job of promoting its Summer Soccer series.

The halftime was presented by Castrol GTX.  The telecast went right to the studio team before a commercial break.  Ads included Castrol, Allstate, Gatorade, ABC and local spots.  Commissioner Garber was the centerpiece of the halftime show, but other than a grilling on MLS transfer policy, there wasn’t much business news made during the interview.  AT&T and Avion also had ad buys during halftime.

I’ll be tweeting some business notes about the rest of the match.