Monday After

Another full slate of MLS action with some club friendlies sprinkled in as part of the annual “Summer of Soccer” events.  Before we get to the weekend attendance, here is a link to an interview with Commissioner Garber and the accompanying story from the Sporting News.  The All-Star Game is always a time filled with league navel gazing and this interview is a prime example.  The interview addresses a wide range of topics including television rating (up 12% year over year on ESPN), supporters culture, transfer fees and more.  Brian Strauss does an excellent job seeking answers to some of the pressing business questions facing the league and I highly recommend giving the piece a read.

On to attendance.  The week started with a couple of mid-week/mid-day games.  The Red Bulls fell just short of 16k for their afternoon scorcher against Chicago while Chivas managed almost 14k for their camp day game.  While the stadiums looked markedly less crowded than indicated by the numbers, the reported figures are certainly higher than most expected.  TFC passed the 18k mark for their home match, while Montreal managed a win before just over 15,500.  This was followed by another big 19k plus crowd in Houston.  Despite their on field success, San Jose failed to reach 10k for their Wednesday night match.  Vancouver managed a full 21k for their match.

On Saturday, the Red Bulls managed a solid 21k plus for their home win, while Columbus cracked the 17k plus mark at Crew Stadium.  Kansas City and the Revs played to a scoreless draw before 19k plus, while Houston cruised past 20k at the end of their long homestand.  FC Dalls sank back under the 12k figure while the Galaxy managed a great 25k plus at the Home Depot Center. In Utah, almost 19,500 saw the home team reverse their slide.