Soccer Business Bits: New Jersey Spnosor & Soccer in Queens

Back from our anniversary break.  The big business story of the last few days was the announcement that FC Dallas has finally landed a full time jersey sponsor.  Texas based health and fitness company AdvoCare has inked a 3.5 year multimillion dollar deal to serve as the team’s first true shirt sponsor.  Recall that FC Dallas had a brief flirtation with for a couple of games but this is the first permanent relationship for the team.  This deal further cements a longstanding relationship between AdvoCare and FC Dallas.  According to the Dallas Business Journal, “the company has sponsored the Independence Bowl in Shreveport for the past four years, the No. 3 car of Richard Childress Racing in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, and the Labor Day race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.”

The relationship with AdvoCare is yet another MLS/Multi-level marketing partnership.   Herbalife, Xango and Amway are other MLM relationships. This bucks the recent iconic trend in MLS, with Barbasol and Quaker entering the fold.  The amount of deal is not yet available, other than a statement that it is worth “multi-millions”.  For reference, the recent Fire deal with Quaker  is a reported $8million over 3 years.

Some time ago we reported that Major League Soccer’s efforts to place a team in New York had pivoted to focus on stadium location rather than owner.  The league had made a concerted decision to seal a stadium location before finding a willing owner.  Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the league has settled on a location in Queens near the US Tennis Center and Citi Field.  MLS is reportedly in talks with various municipal officials about the prospect of the privately financed stadium.   The league is determined to place a team in New York, and the subway accessible Queens location is probably a good location.  There are many hurdles before a deal can be finalized, but the league has its sights set on Queens and this story bears following.