On the Road…Again

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today.  Should be back settled tomorrow.  For now, here is a Footiebusiness post from last year about the companies that invest in Major League Soccer.

We often discuss Major League Soccer’s various corporate sponsors and the important role they play in funding league operations and cementing the league’s legitimacy in the eyes of the busines community.  We often discuss those sponsors individually, but thought it worthwhile to list all of them here: Adidas, Allstate,  AT&T, American Airlines, Aquafina, Budweiser, Bimbo, Castrol, Continental, Degree, Dick’s, el Jimador, Four Points, Gatorade, Home Depot, Jeld Wen, Makita, Panasonic, Pepsi Max, Red Bull, Visa, VW and X Box 360.

Some of these sponsors function as both jersey sponsors and official league sponsors, while others have a stadium sponsorship and league deal.  Not all jersey sponsors are league sponsors, not all stadium sponsors are league sponsors.  This year, for the first time, MLS teams are free to sell their own local rights in certain sponsorship categories.  SBJ recently reported that a large number of MLS franchises have inked deals with league sponsors Pepsi and Budweiser for local rights, while seven have signed with other brewers and more than a handful have signed deals with Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola.  According to the article, these deals can run from $75-200k.   In the beer category, it is interesting to note that some teams have looked to local brewers for partnerships and as a way to further promote close ties with local businesses.


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