Monday After

There was only one Major League Soccer match on the calendar this weekend with the Revs hosting the Chicago Fire at Gillette on Saturday night.  The 2-0 victory pushed the Revs up the table, but drew a crowd of only 12,500.  Cold weather and rain likely contributed to the down crowd, but the Revs will again need bigger numbers in Summer and Fall to push attendance to a respectable height by the end of the season.

In Montreal, Impact officials have confirmed that the newly renovated Stade Saputo will open on June 16 for the Impact’s home match against Seattle.  The Impact have been playing their home matches at Olympic Stadium since the season began, but now the teams is just two weeks away from moving to its permanent home.   As we have noted previously, the stadium will hold just over 20k fans.  Approximately 1/3 of the seats will be covered by a roof and the stadium will be well served by public transportation.

On Sunday night, NBSCN televised its second USMNT Friendly.  The broadcast was live from BMO Field in Toronto and featured the usual NBC voices on the microphone.  World Cup Qualifying starts in the coming week and one of the US matches will be featured on ESPN.  However, as we previously discussed, rights to the second match (in Guatemala), were not told to American cable or broadcast network and will instead be offered on a Pay Per View basis.  Please drop a line if you will be one of the souls purchasing the PPV rights for the match.  Given the expected cost, it seems remarkable that PPV rights will outstrip the price the rights holder will garner from an American channel, but please let me know.

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  1. Olympic Stadium in Montreal is right out of the Soviet Union. All concrete, horrible acoustics, possibly the worst seats to sit in. Can’t wait for the new stadium. Every other stadium I visit, I cherish Red Bull Arena more.

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