Soccer Business Bits: Whitehouse Visit, Behind the Scenes

Tuesday was the date for the annual meeting between Major League Soccer’s defending champions and the President of the United States.  The meeting always generates publicity for the league, but the 2012 version was even more high profile than usual.  This visit included such big names as David Beckham and Landon Donovan.  Beckham might be the only soccer player in the world with a higher Q Score than the President. For a link to a story about the event, videos and photos, click here. A copy of the President’s remarks are also accessible via the link.

For those interested in what goes on during an MLS telecast (as we are), we recommend this outstanding read from’s Goalkeeper blog.  This lengthy piece, authored by Jonathan Tannewald, provides a detailed and illuminating look into all elements of televising soccer.  The article includes some interesting tidbits, including some discussion on ESPN’s reliance on local crews to assist with broadcasts, the costs involved in televising matches in Canada (not to mention the ratings hit).  There is also some detailed discussion about camera angles, interaction between the booth and truck and other great insights that are definitely worth a read.
Finally, the Sports Business Journal is reporting that the Sounders will be the latest team to utilize the Smart Card for purposes of season ticket holders.  According to SBJ, “the bar code on the front is scanned at the stadium gate for admission. The magnetic stripe on the back is used to pay for food and merchandise at 625 points of sale throughout the stadium and CenturyLink Field Event Center next door. Early in the season, the Sounders are testing the magnetic stripe by providing groups of 15 card holders with $10 in complimentary credits to spend on food, drink and retail at four home games in May.”