Selling Tickets in MLS

It has been a while since we last took a look at team promotional efforts around MLS.  The amount of deep discounting and promotions have been noticeably lower this year.  Before we get to the promotions, one note on the much hyped NBC Sports match-up between Philly and Seattle on Saturday.  Given past rating patterns, the match projects as one of the best rated games of the NBC Sports slate of games.  Both teams are among the biggest ratings draws for home market viewers.

Chivas is hosting Chicago on Friday night in a game that previously was a big draw with the presence of Blanco on the Fire roster.  The match has lost much of that appeal, and the usually aggressive Chivas front office is not offering any special promotions for the game.  However, the usual Family Pack is available for the game.  The package includes 4 tickets and 4 hot dogs for $59, one of the least expensive Family Pack promotions in the league.

RSL is another team that has historically been active in the promotions department, but not much is on the table for the sole Rio Tinto visit for the Revs in 2012.  The team has its ongoing promotion with Subway Restaurants that allows fans who purchase a Subway Meal Deal the opportunity to purchase 5 tickets to Rio Tinto for a combination of games.  What makes the deal  unique is that fans can use the tickets in any combination over the available games.

Finally, we’ll head to Dallas, where team is promotion a package deal that will allow 150 fans the opportunity to travel to Houston in June for the first installment of the Texas Derby at the Dynamo’s new digs.  The offering costs $40 and includes a ticket to the game and round trip bus travel.


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  1. we each got a point tonight. The speed and scnriog ability of Carr and Oduro didn’t seem to help or hurt either team today, nor did the trade!

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